Amir (prodigy4) wrote in oinkmusic,

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A sad day...

My heart's broken :(

Can anyone recommend a substitute?
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did you end up getting into waffles?
Aye, cheers! :)
Wow, really? How? Where? Is it as good?
I really miss OiNK - especially around this time of year.

Got any spare invites for an ex-oinker such as myself?
I have none on waffles yet, they're power user requirements are ridiculous.
As for, I do have invites, but they closed the invites and they don't know when will they open it again..
Alright. Well, thanks anyway.

If anything changes, let me know, okay? I really appreciate it.
Yeah... I am missing OiNK so much right now. ):
You can PM me/mail me your email and I will let you know as soon as invites are open again...
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